Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program as one of the program that realized the Company’s responsibility towards the environment and the surrounding communities. The Company always strives to improve the quality and scope of the existing CSR programs with their respective variety and excellence, in the fields of environmental protection, education, health, economic empowerment and disaster response. All of the Company’s subsidiaries have demonstrated their synergy in implementing CSR programs to have a meaningful impact for the beneficiaries.

To ensure that the Company’s CSR programs bring measurable and sustainable results to the community, the Company synergizes with central and regional governments as well as other stakeholders to develop and to empower the surrounding communities affected by the mine’s coperation to be benefited from the Company’s business activities in their areas.

The Company carries out community empowerment activities within the framework of Master Plan for Community Development and Empowerment Program (“RIPPPM“) which refers to the Decision of the Minister of Mineral and Energy Resources No. 1824K/30/MEM/2018 with regards to the Guidelines for Implementation of Community Development and Empowerment (“PPM“). PPM programs are designed to provide added value and tangible benefits in order to improve the quality of life of the community as well as to become a sustainable program that can be managed independently by the community.