Limited experienced workers and limited equipment

The Company manages its business with the support of a number of skilled and experienced key employees. The loss of potential employees can have a significant impact on the sustainability of the Company’s operations. There is no guarantee that the main employee will continue to work for the Company or the Company will be able to attract and retain a quality workforce in the future. The inability to attract, recruit, train and retain key employees can adversely affect the Company’s business activities, financial condition, results of operations and business prospects.

To manage this risk, the Company periodically conducts a review of the remuneration package and benefits program that has been offered up to now. This is done to increase the level of satisfaction of employees who already have and are able to be an attraction for recruiting professional and quality individuals. The Company also organizes training in a planned and continuous manner. To manage the risk of limited equipment, the Company has cooperated with professional contractors supported by main resources, raw materials and adequate equipment. The Company also maintains good communication and relationships with suppliers of mining equipment and supplies.