Human Resources

BRM carries out training programs to enhance human resources through training, maintains employee satisfactionthrough competitive remuneration, and instills motivation through performance management. BRM recognizes that continued operational and financial success depends upon having the right people in the right role.

To do this, BRM maintains productive industrial relations, recruits from the best talent and retainsthat talent.The stated strategic direction for BRM has put additional pressure on Human Resource development within the Company, in that development of its projects in the medium term and diversification into a number of different minerals in the short term have combined to set an ambitious but achievable target for HR to meet.

In the normal course of events, the nature of mining, which utilizes heavy equipment for stripping, removal and reclamation of the mining area, requires that extra care to be taken in environmental and safety management.This requires qualified technical expertise to be able to solve complex problems related to the production and rehabilitation of mining areas.