Whistleblowing System


The Company is determined that all actions that violate corporate regulations will be subject to sanctions in accordance with the applicable policies. The Company established a particular mechanism to accommodate whistleblowing, including implementation of open door policy, which is a policy that requires Board of Directors and management team to be open to receive employee complaint or whistleblowing and to discuss the respective issue. The Company is willing to build conducive work atmosphere by upholding a good work ethic. Formulation and enforcement of whistleblowing system are stipulated in SOP for Speak-up System.

To prevent and reduce the risk of fraud and non-

compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, DAI receives complaints or whistleblowing related to financial statements from both internal and external parties to be

followed up according to guidance from Board of Directors. As stated in other part of this Annual Report, each employee receives Code of Conduct book. This book explains the whistleblowing system for reporting of ethical violation,

which is called Speak-up System.

Every personnel of the Company can report by:

  • Call/SMS/WhatsApp to: 0811 805 2767
  • e-mail to: speakup@brm.co.id

The personnel receiving the report are responsible for examining and following up on the issues raised to them.

The Company is committed to protecting employees who honestly report violations and guarantees the confidentiality of whistleblowers.

Upon receipt of report from whistleblower, DAI will take the following steps:

  1. Conduct further review of report of fraud indication and evidence submitted by the Whistleblower.
  2. Recommend follow-up regarding whether or not an investigation is needed on the Fraud indication received.
  3. Investigate should Board of Directors decide that the case needs to be investigated.

During 2019 DAI did not receive reports of violations of ethics or other violations submitted through the speak-up system.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Sanctions for Violations


Every employee of the Company, including the members of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors, must comply with the Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct have consequences including sanctions. Anti Fraud and Sexual Harassment Policy The Company issued SOPs in the following areas to accompany its Code of Conduct:

  1. Anti Fraud Policy
  2. Free From Narcotics and Alcohol Policy
  3. Anti Sexual Harassment Policy

Sanctions that can be imposed for violations of the above SOPs are regulated by each SOP and are enforced in the Company’s Regulations. These range from a reprimand to a dishonorable dismissal. In addition, in connection with the increased procurement of goods and service activities, the Company has implemented policies and procedures for the procurement of goods and services. This policy includes the Supplier selection procedure and Supplier Data Update Procedure.